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Inside EmbodyShe you'll discover sacred teachings and essential practices to support your journey of authentic empowerment and profound embodiment in life, love, spirit, and sex. This is an invitation to explore your gifts as a unique woman, and to liberate a deeper flow of embodied Love, sexual energy, and intuitive wisdom, so you can fully and fearlessly bring your deepest gifts to your life and intimate relationship.
Lisa is an international teacher and has worked deeply and successfully with women and couples from around the world for 20+ years, and in this program she will guide you step-by-step so you can deepen your personal embodiment practice and come into your fullest and most free expression, spiritually, sexually, and in all the ways that matter most to you.
EmbodyShe gives you instant access to over 100 hours of exclusive and in-depth training, 2 monthly live group calls with Lisa (and the recordings), direct access to Lisa for answers to your most intimate and personal questions, and a sisterhood of devoted feminine practitioners who will support you, celebrate you, and hold you lovingly accountable so you can create the life, love, and Soul fulfillment you've always longed for.
Topics of exploration include:
  • The deeper dynamics of masculine and feminine energy as a portal to sacred intimacy
  • Fierce boundaries and ecstatic surrender
  • Becoming the embodied invitation to that which you most deeply desire
  • Sex as a spiritual practice, pleasure as a devotional offering
  • Activating subtle energy in the body for deep healing and orgasmic awakening
  • Sacred shadow work for the feminine
  • Releasing shame, self-sabotage, and past hurt so you can give and receive love as deeply as you yearn to
  • Sexual intimacy (solo and partnered) to liberate ever deeper Love
  • Maintaining energetic sovereignty in situations with emotional intensity
  • How to inspire deep trust, connection, and irresistible erotic attraction in relationship
  • Transforming emotional chaos into an open-hearted revelation of Love's truth
  • Discover your unique gifts in life and in sexual intimacy
  • Trust the sensitivity of your feminine heart and the wisdom of your erotic body
  • From love making to Soul f%*-ing
  • Expressing how you feel as an invitation to life and your lover
  • Creating a life and intimacy that you love and is an expression of your deepest heart
  • Creating unwavering self-trust in life and love


  • Community Connection - Private Community Forum
    A private community forum, a sacred space, a virtual fireside for deep sharing of celebrations, questions, and discussions about the trainings. Lisa participates fully here, giving answers, sharing teachings, and offering reflection.
  • Private Coaching - Your hotline to Lisa
    A private message thread where Lisa supports you every step of the way by answering your most personal and intimate questions in private and guides you in your personal practice with written, audio, and video messages.
  • Wisdom Archives - Courses & Training
    A treasure trove with over 100 hours of in-depth trainings with essential teachings and embodiment practices. New programs and guided practice videos are uploaded every month.
  • Soul Journal - Self-Exploration & Integration
    Every month you'll receive a new Soul Journal with questions from Lisa designed to deepen your self-awareness, awaken new realisations, and integrate new embodied learning into your everyday life and intimacy.
  • Virtual Retreat - Monthly Online Retreat
    Be nourished, inspired, and re-wilded each month when you join Lisa on live-stream video as she guides you ever deeper in feminine practice and shares essential teachings. You have access to all recordings.
  • Group Coaching - Monthly Q&A Call
    A monthly group coaching Q&A call with Lisa where you bring your deepest desires, get answers to your burning questions, refinements to your feminine practice, and loving reflection from your community.


Group Q&A Call

6th Sept at 2pm (PDT), 10pm (BST)
...October onwards TBA soon

Virtual Retreat
16th Aug at 2pm (PDT), at 10pm (BST)
6th Sept at 2pm (PDT), at 10pm (BST)
...October onwards TBA soon

Group Q&A Call
6th Sept at 2pm (PDT), 10pm (BST)
...October onwards TBA soon
Virtual Retreat
16th Aug at 2pm (PDT), at 10pm (BST)
6th Sept at 2pm (PDT), at 10pm (BST)
...October onwards TBA soon


"I am so grateful for your work, I can't believe how much your teachings have transformed my experience so far since I joined this community. It's alchemic and it's what I have been looking for!"
Alissa Hansen

"Lisa embodies the quality of Union like no woman I've ever met. You can feel the depth and breadth of her personal practice in her walk and her talk. What a gift to behold such an accomplished woman in the feminine arts. I gained so much from her personal shares, and her pristine presence."

Karen Prosen

"I admire and value Lisa's journey and teachings and I find her a valuable source of integrity within this field. I felt deeply supported by her in this program and have walked away feeling a true sense of trust in my own sacred knowing and intuition."

Rebecca Cook
"My husband and I work together from home. To my surprise and my husbands delight, thanks to Lisa, what was meant to be a date-night, turned into an entire date weekend! It was amazing to feel so connected, juicy and delighted to be with the man I see every single day! Thank you for helping us resurrect the passion that brought us together in the first place!"
Geffen Rothe
"In an industry littered with half-truths, Lisa is a bright light of true and deep teaching. Her depth of understanding and practice, combined with her motherly care for her clients, is powerful. There is much wisdom in Lisa's transmission and the EmbodyShe community."
"I had set an intention to find a feminine practitioner of David Deida's work, when I came across Lisa Page through Instagram, and I am so grateful that I did. Being a member of EmbodyShe has both challenged and opened me in ways I haven't ever experienced. Before joining, I wasn't really sure what shadow work was. Now, I feel my shadow after every recording and it challenges me to meet myself in the light. Lisa's presence is a space like nothing I've ever experienced. She is truly a gifted person and being a part of this group is really an honor. Thank you Lisa for all that you do and for being an open heart when I need it most. Your light guides me back to mine and I am so grateful to be a member of this community!"
"To me, Lisa is one of the most embodied and authentic teachers I've ever had the pleasure and honour to learn from. So far this work has been a deeply transformative and alchemical experience. As I am learning how to fully embody my deepest yearnings, as well as how to befriend and integrate my shadows, I am constantly releasing old patterns and concepts of myself and of what I thought love and relationships were supposed to look like. Each practice leading the way home to my authentic self, and for the very first time I am experiencing my own fullness, immersing bit by bit into the secrets and pleasures of the deep feminine."
"Lisa's wisdom and presence is healing to women. She embodies a true feminine essence which I aspire to. Her teachings are changing my life by how I relate to myself, others, and life. This was the missing piece on my spiritual journey. I have gained so many insights from her by helping me unpack some of my patterns and habitats that were not serving me. Her compassionate, safe, and empowering guidance inspires my heart towards vulnerability and honesty. I am so grateful for Lisa coming into my life and her life changing work. Thank you."
Sylvia R.
"I had the pleasure of working with Lisa 1:1 for 6 months and I felt so deeply held and nourished the entire time! The biggest breakthrough I experienced in our time together was the EMBODIMENT of the teachings and practices that I cognitively knew and even teach to clients. I have this new level of truth, that is really grounded and anchored in the body. It's hard to put into words. I really learned to keep my heart open and that it's safe to do so. I tend to be an avoidant attachment style so this was huge for me to lean in and keep the open hearted love when all I wanted to do previously was pull away in my intimate relationship. Through our time together I also felt a new appreciation for the wisdom of my body, I connected with her even deeper, and felt permission to trust my intuitive knowing. I was drawn to Lisa for the safe, mature, and nurturing energies she exudes; I can surely recommend coaching with her!"
Rhaya Lynn


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