EmbodySHE is a sanctuary for women, a sisterhood,

and a path of embodied Love and ecstatic intimacy.

“Lisa is a powerhouse mentor for women who are ready to explore, awaken and embody their sexy, feminine nature. She has a deep understanding of the feminine psyche, body, heart and Soul but it’s also her dedication to her own personal practice that sets Lisa apart.

In the time I’ve known Lisa, I’ve seen her work with Feminine Leaders from around the world, helping them profoundly transform their lives, love and intimacy. And I’ve watched her commitment to this work and her own growth by always taking her own practice to the next level.

It’s one thing to teach; it’s another to fully put yourself through the practice in your own life. Lisa truly walks the talk, and it shows in her presence and her results. She embodies the principles she teaches. Lisa is living proof that you can be a kick-ass Feminine Leader in business and in life, while being true to your own sexy, sensual, and Soul-inspired feminine self!”

Elizabeth Purvis, USA

“I’m delighted to report that I have had a breakthrough and am feeling so sensual, ripe, juicy and beautiful! I haven’t felt this sexy for a very long time. Thank you dear Lisa. This program is unlocking deep reserves within my being and I am so grateful.”  Rose, Australia

“What I most want to say is THANK YOU for taking us on this journey to ourselves with all these amazing insights which are integrating into my life and consciousness, day by day, week by week. My husband is noticing the difference, my energy is improving, as is my focus.”  Amy, UK

“To be part of a group of strong women endeavouring to be true to their feminine core is amazing and it’s such a safe and empowering environment. Thank you Lisa!”  Penni, Australia

“What’s changed for me since I started the program?…Freaking everything! Real awakening is happening! Love your work sister!”  Jenni, UK

Alumni, Worldwide

“Working with Lisa I’ve opened my heart and my body and released shame and guilt around pleasure and my sexuality. I feel passionate again and I’ve rekindled erotic attraction with my husband and feel confident that I know how to invite him into love-making.

I’ve also integrated my inner masculine and feminine energy which feels healthy and empowering and I’ve learned how to communicate with my man in a way he gets.

I’ve gone from self-doubt to self-trust and I can now express myself freely. I’ve released so much ‘stuff’ from the past and I know how to get out of my head and drop down into my body so I can flow and be spontaneous instead of being such a control freak.

I feel happier. I genuinely love myself and I have loads more energy. I feel a deep heart connection to myself and my man, and best of all, I really don’t care what other people think anymore!”

Shaylin Rose, Australia
What is EmbodySHE Community?
EmbodySHE is a sacred space, a sisterhood, and a path of embodied Love.

It's an invitation to explore the juice and truth of who you are as a fully expressed, authentically empowered woman, in life, love, spirit, and sex.

It's a calling to deepen embodied discernment so you can live and love fully, trusting the innate wisdom of your feminine heart, unencumbered by the past.

It's a path of feminine leadership that allows you to experience the joy of giving your gifts to the world as a competent, creative, and powerful woman, without causing the stress and bodily tension that would prevent you from enjoying the depth of intimate relationship you desire.

It's an opportunity to learn the essential feminine practices required to deepen the giving and receiving of love in life's ordinary moments, and in the passionate embrace of ecstatic sexual surrender.

It's a sanctuary to nourish your body, heart, and feminine Soul.

It's a rite of passage, no matter your age, to claim your power, to know your truth, and to consciously create the life, love, and intimacy you most deeply yearn for.

Inside EmbodySHE you'll receive personal guidance from Lisa, members only training programs and guided feminine practice tutorials, loving accountability and support from a community of deep-hearted women from around the world, and the answers you've been longing for.

Who is Lisa Page?

Lisa Page is an international teacher, women’s empowerment and intimacy mentor and published author. For the last 18+ years she has worked with women from around the world and taught live workshops and trainings in Australia, Asia, NZ, USA, UK and Europe.

As a sacred intimacy teacher, Lisa has been profoundly influenced by her study and work with world renowned teacher and best-selling author, David Deida. Since 2008 Lisa has immersed herself in 17+ trainings with Deida as a way to deepen her own spiritual-sexual practice and to support others to do the same, first as a participant, then as an assistant, as lead female assistant, and then teaching Ocean & Fire | A Workshop for Women where Deida was a guest-teacher.

The somatic and psychological aspect of Lisa’s work is built on the foundation of her 4 year diploma as a Dru yoga therapy teacher, with an emphasis on de-traumatisation. She also has a Masters in Neurological Re-patterning, Ericksonian hypnosis and performance coaching and has completed additional psychology training with Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, world renowned Jungian Analyst & Best Selling Author of ‘Women Who Run With the Wolves’. Lisa has also completed training in the energetics of the spiritual-sexual body with Master Mantak Chia.

Lisa is devoted to the embodiment of Love as a dynamic art, a way of life and a path of spiritual and sexual empowerment. She is leading the way as the creatrix of EmbodySHE™, her transformational women's work grounded in feminine embodiment practices, spirituality and psychology, breath-work, original-wild-free-movement, artistic offering and sacred ritual.

What you’ll gain from EmbodySHE:
  • Sisterhood: You don't have to do it on your own anymore. You can harness the collective power of support, inspiration, and embodied learning that comes with being in community with really, really good women on the path.
  • Personal Support: You get direct access to Lisa for answers to your most intimate and personal questions (at a much more affordable rate than a private mentoring program), and 1:1 mentoring as an Immersive member.
  • Instant Access: To 40+ members only courses, trainings, and guided feminine practice. New trainings are added each month.
  • Learn from Home: Join the monthly Virtual Retreats and Group Coaching Q&A calls from the comfort of your own home and get unlimited access to all recordings.
  • From Insight to Embodiment: Shift beyond intellectual understanding and intuitive insights into embodiment, so you don't flounder in the pain of not knowing what to do, or worse, knowing what you 'should' do, but never taking the leap.
  • Feminine Leadership: You'll get the guidance, support, and loving accountability you need to do your big beautiful thing in the world, free of stress, strain, and struggle. Kick-ass Soul-aligned success without sacrifice, feeling succulent, juicy, and nourished from the inside out.
  • Sex and Intimacy: You'll dive deeper than before into what's really in the way of you expressing who you are and how you feel, so you can attract and inspire the depth of connection, love, and intimacy you desire.
What you'll get:
Time for Feminine Practice
Be nourished, inspired and re-wilded by powerful teachings and feminine practice every month with Lisa via live-video-stream from the comfort of your own home. Recorded if you can’t make it live or want to watch it again later.
Monthly Call with Lisa
A monthly group coaching call with Lisa where you bring your deepest desires, get answers to your burning questions, refinements to your feminine practice, and loving reflection from your community.
Private Community Forum
A private community forum, a sacred space, a fireside chat, to share celebrations, post questions or discuss the trainings. Lisa participates fully here giving answers, sharing teachings and offering reflection.
Self-Exploration & Integration
Every month you’ll receive a new Soul Journal with questions from Lisa to help you deepen your self-awareness, awaken new realisations and integrate new embodied learning.
Courses & Training
Your own personal library with in-depth, members only embodiment trainings taught by Lisa. New programs and guided practice videos will be uploaded every month.
For Immersive Members
Your coaching hotline to Lisa.
Monthly 20min 1:1 sessions with Lisa + a private coaching thread using written, audio or video messages to get answers to your most intimate and personal questions.
Wisdom Archives
Here's a taste of what's waiting for you inside the Wisdom Archives Library.
...New video, audio and trainings uploaded every month.
What makes the EmbodySHE different?
The Community: Membership is by application only, so you can be sure that all the women in the community are diverse and like-Souled. A perfect fit to journey together. The kind of women you'd love to sit by a log fire with, jam with, go deep with, learn from, and be with.

Hotline to Lisa: Often in group programmes, 'the teacher' swoops in for group calls but is rarely seen in the community. Not here! You'll see Lisa actively engaging in community discussions. Plus, as an Immersive Member, you get direct access to Lisa in your Private Coaching Thread where you can get private message coaching with Lisa via text, audio or video.

It's ALL about Embodiment: You can get new information anywhere these days. Youtube. Books. Podcasts. However unless you know how to embody what you learn, nothing actually changes in your life or relationship. That's why EmbodySHE is designed for a limited group of women only, to give you personalized support and in-depth, members only trainings that will help you shift beyond intellectual understanding into genuine embodiment and natural integration of your new insights.
Recap of what's included:
  • Virtual Retreat: Monthly 90 min live-streamed women's retreat with Lisa giving you embodiment practices to nourish your deep heart, erotic body, and feminine Soul.
  • Group Coaching Q&A: Monthly 90 min group call with Lisa where you get answers to your questions, refinements to your feminine practice, and loving reflection from your sisters on the path.
  • Private Community Forum: NOT a Facebook Group. A private space to share insights, post questions, and discuss the trainings with Lisa and a community of supportive, devoted women.
  • Soul Journal: Every month you'll receive a new Soul Journal with questions from Lisa to help you deepen self-exploration, awareness, and embodied integration.
  • Wisdom Archives: In-depth, members only, embodiment trainings taught by Lisa to support you in your journey of spirituality, sexuality, and life as a modern woman. New programs and guided practice videos are uploaded every month.
PLUS, for Immersive Members
  • Private Coaching with Lisa: Monthly 20min 1:1 sessions with Lisa + a private coaching thread using written, audio or video messages to get answers to your most intimate and personal questions.
Lovely Lisa ~ thank you for your beautiful grounded energy that held us all so wonderfully all and for the wisdom you so deeply embody. I loved hearing about your own personal work with your partner, Mo, it sincerely helps to hear about the real times from a long-term couple perspective.
Lisa's essence is one of the most innately feminine in strength, beauty, softness, and nurture that I have experienced. It meant the world to me to just be in the room with her and witness her natural embodiment of the feminine. I learned so much from her in EVERY moment.
Lisa embodies the quality of Union like no woman I've ever met. You can feel the depth and breadth of her personal practice in her walk and her talk. What a gift to behold such an accomplished woman in the feminine arts. I gained so much from her personal shares, and her pristine presence.
Membership is by application only.
Got a question for Lisa? Click here.
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